Chapelle 2.5"
Antique Mahogany Picture Frame

$20.99 +

This robust antique mahogany picture frame is characterized by a ribbed profile trimmed with linear gold ornament. The 2.5" wide Chapelle picture frame is a bold compliment to a wide range of decor styles. At the heart of this moulding is a solid wood core—capped with a polished composite wrap, finished in Arcadian  Mahogany. The stoutness of the Chapelle picture frame will elevate your room decor.

Frame material
Solid Wood
Frame finish
Moulding width
2 < 3 inch
Frame sizes
Stock & Custom
All of our frames are measured by the opening dimensions, from the back of the frame. These dimensions indicate the size of the print the frame will hold. For example, if you have a 4×6 image, you should order a 4×6 frame. Measure both the short and long dimension of your print, then select the corresponding dimensions below. Viewable area will be slightly smaller.
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