What components are used in making a frame?

A lot goes into the make-up of a complete picture frame. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying understand all the industry terms. We will attempt to describe in greater detail, some of the materials that we use. This will give you a better understanding of what exactly it is that you are buying. We want you to be excited because you KNOW what you are getting…a quality product from us!

Is the frame color I see, the true color?

We all view websites through a wide variety of screens and displays. This variety translates to different image quality, colors, hues, and saturations. We have paid special attention to our images so that the majority of our viewers see the frame as it looks. While we hesitate to place a guarantee on image color correctness, we are confident in the images that we have produced. We should note that real wood frames will differ slightly based on the length of moulding used to create the frame. Wood grain, knots, and other characteristics of real wood tend to show the greatest variation in color. You might also notice subtle variations in the stain based on application methods.

My frame is missing the hanging hardware, now what?

You can call our customer service at 877-875-6641, and we will ship you a new hardware set.

Do you offer custom frame sizes?

We can produce just about any frame size possible. Most frames are available in over 500 custom sizes, from 4 × 4 to 24 × 36. Some select frames are available in our 35 most popular sizes. If you don't see the frame size you are looking for just contact us to see if we can meet your needs.

What do I do with this hanging hardware?

While smaller frame sizes come with attached tab hangers, our larger frames do involve some assembly. Visit our framing tips page, and we'll walk you through the hanging hardware installation process.

What's the difference between glass and acrylic?

Both are used as facing options in our frames to protect and display your artwork. Glass is a tried and true material used in picture frames. It provides crystal clear coverage with little glare. The only downside of glass is that it can sometimes break during shipment when used in frames 12″ × 18″ and larger. To get around this issue, we offer a durable alternative in acrylic facing. Acrylic offers the same great coverage and crystal clear protection as glass. It weighs less than glass and is flexible, making it a great choice in larger frames.

How should I clean my acrylic facing?

Cleaning glass is one thing, but when it comes to cleaning acrylic one should use extra care. Acrylic is comprised of plastic materials. You should NOT clean acrylic with standard glass cleaner and paper towels. These products run the risk of clouding or scratching your clear surface. Instead, use one of many special plexiglass cleaning products on the market along with a clean, soft cotton cloth. This should keep your facing dust and fingerprint free, while preserving clarity.

What exactly is a rabbet?

There are rabbits, and there are rabbets. The rabbet in question is the area within a picture frame moulding in which your artwork fits. Visit our framing tips page for a better understanding of what we are talking about.

My facing is cloudy. Why is it Blue?

What you're looking at is a protective covering on the acrylic. All you have to do is peel away the covering to reveal the crystal clear acrylic. Although the protective film is fairly clear, you will definitely want to peel it off before hanging your frame on the wall. Some of the acrylic we use has a blue protective covering.

How do I correctly order matting with my frame?

We are more than happy to walk you through this process. Basically, you want to measure from the inside out if you want to figure out the correct frame size. For example, let's assume you have an 8″ × 10″ print that you want framed with a 2″ mat.

First, we need to determine your overall mat dimensions. To do this you need to add 2″ to each side of your 8″ × 10″ print, bringing the overall mat dimensions to 12″ × 14″.

Second, we need to determine your mat opening. This will be the same dimensions as your print, in this case 8″ × 10″.

Finally, we need to determine your frame size. This will be the same dimensions as your overall mat dimensions, in this case 12″ × 14″.

In Summary, for an 8″ × 10″ print with a 2″ mat, you would order a 12″ × 14″ mat with an 8″ × 10″ opening and a 12″ × 14″ frame. If you need additional help, you can always visit our framing tips page or give us a call and we'll get you squared away.

How do I know what size frame to order?

Don't worry, you are not the first person to ask this question. Visit our framing tips page and we will walk you through the measuring process.

Do you sell easels for your picture frames?

Easels are currently sold as a separate component. Easel mates present an affordable easel-back solution to a wide variety of frame styles and are easy to install.

Do you offer any quantity discounts?

We sure do! If you're in need of larger quantities, please visit our wholesale page.

Do I have access to my past orders?

Orders placed on or after June 18, 2018 are available in your account. Because we transferred our website to a new eCommerce platform, some account information was not able to be transferred. If you have orders prior to June 18, 2018 that you would like access to, you can call our customer service at 877-875-6641 and make a request.

I'm tax exempt, why am I being charged sales tax?

Tax exempt customers must provide documentation and have their account setup by Customer Support prior to placing tax exempt orders. Proper documentation and instructions can be found on our tax exempt page.

What is your return policy?

We will provide a full refund or replacement for any product that arrives damaged. Do not return damaged products without first speaking with a Craig Frames representative. Return shipping charges will not be reimbursed unless the return is authorized. Photos of the damaged item are required before a refund or replacement is processed.

If a product arrives in satisfactory condition, it can still be returned for any reason. Please contact Craig Frames Customer Service before shipment. Return shipping charges must be paid by the customer, and original shipping charges are not refundable. Refunds are processed upon receipt of the return shipment. Please see our return policy page for more information.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Visit our Privacy Policy page for details.