Swedish Country 2.5", Antique White Picture Frame

Swedish Country 2.5", Antique White Picture Frame

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$25.99 - $127.99
Frame material:
Solid Wood
Frame finish:
Moulding width:
2.1 to 3 inches
Frame sizes:
Stock and Custom
Rabbet Depth:
0.5 - 0.625

Unique embossing and finish define this picture frame inspired by Scandinavian designs. The Swedish Country frame series features a solid wood core capped with an ornate composite wrap. At 2.125" wide, this molding showcases a painted finish of Antique White with dark undertones. The classic European styling of the Swedish Country picture frame will compliment any modern country or rustic decor.

  Smaller Than 12x18:  12x18 and Larger: 
Facing:  Glass  Acrylic 
Backing:  Black Backer  Cardboard 
Hardware:  Sawtooth Hangers  Wire Kit 
Closure:  Flex Tabs  Flex Tabs 
Width:  2.125"  2.125" 
Rabbet:  0.5"  0.5" 
All of our frames are measured by the opening dimensions, from the back of the frame. These dimensions indicate the size of the print the frame will hold. For example, if you have a 4x6 image, you should order a 4x6 frame. Measure both the short and long dimension of your print, then select the corresponding dimensions above. Viewable area will be slightly smaller.
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    Overall, great value and beautiful frame

    Posted by Josh on May 18th 2019

    I bought this frame for a mother's day gift for my wife. I like the detail with the black dots cut into the frame, it adds a bit of understated class to the look. The frame size is exact, and fit a pre-cut piece of glass without issue.
    I identified only a couple things I would have liked to see, but being a budget frame I can understand it not being done. First, as i was holding the frame, i got a large sliver in my finger. Seems the small black holes (many of them) have tiny splinters sticking out. I did my best to find any and use a tweezers to pull them out, because our children like to touch the frames to see how they feel, and this being a gift from them, they were all over it.
    Secondly, where the corners were cut to fit the 45° angle, it exposes some of the cross-section of the wood, so the original wood is showing and in my opinion could/should have been touched up with paint so the natural wood color isn't exposed on a viewing angle.
    Overall- I don't feel like these issues take away from the value this frame offers

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